Why you may be getting NOwhere!

Here’s something to think about.

Did you know that on average, by the age of 5 we had all heard the word ‘NO’ 40,000 times.

But the word ‘YES’ only 5000 times.

It is understandable why, I suppose.

Being toddlers we were probably doing a lot of experimental stuff.

Some of which may have been dangerous, a lot of which would have been really messy.

The word NO helped us get through those years in once piece,

And our parents to stay sane.

But what do you think this did to your psyche?

Hearing eight negatives for every one positive.

Is it any wonder that so many people are hesitant to follow their dreams,

To reach for something new, to step out of the bounds of what is familiar?

That internalised NO stops so many of us again and again from trying new things.

And this downhill pull, keeps too many of us trapped in half lived, unfulfilling lives.

But you know what?

You can change the recording and start to tip the balance in favour of the YES.

But …….

You are going to have to start saying YES to new kinds of things.

You are going to have to say YES to some discomfort.

You are going to have to say YES to some uncertainty.

You are going to have to say YES to the possibilities of mistakes and even failure.

Because only when you embrace the YES of the unknown are you going to be able to create anything new in your life.

Without the YES, you will find yourself in the same rut, playing the same tunes you always have.

And life will never be any different.

Are you ready to embrace the YES?

I hope so, it makes life so much more fun and interesting.

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