If you find your life off course, check your autopilot

It happened to me again yesterday.

I got in the car, all ready to head to my destination.

And then I got distracted. My mind just skipped somewhere else.

Next thing I know, I had been driving for a couple of minutes…

In the wrong direction.

I wasn’t paying attention 

and so my subconscious took over and pointed me in my habitual direction.

Automatic pilot had taken over.

Does that happen to you?

I am afraid to say, it happens to me often.

Clients say to me “how did I get here?”

“how did my life become this….. I had such different plans”

The answer to that question is the same reason as to why I drove in the wrong direction.

You weren’t paying attention and so automatic pilot took over and took you off course.

Now automatic pilot can be an incredibly useful thing.

We humans don’t have the capacity to attend to every little detail of our daily life.

Our automatic habits help us move forward in an efficient and easy way.

And this is great if your habits are helpful ones, steering you in the right direction.

But it is a disaster if your habits are steering you in the wrong one.

Problem is, few people consciously form their habits and patterns.

They just fall into them.

Doing little things every day without even noticing.

But of course these little things add up.

So if you find yourself looking around, wondering where you are and how you got here.

Look to your autopilot.

What are those things you do without even thinking?

These are what are setting your course.

And if you want to be on a different path,

These are the things you need to change.

Little things matter.

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