How to grow a dream

Good morning,

Plant, Cultivate, Harvest

All good farmers know that you have to wait a season in order to reap crops.

And this is as true for general life as it is for vegetables.

It takes time to learn a new skill.

It takes time for a business to succeed.

It takes time to develop a friendship.

But in this instant gratification world we often forget this.

We think more along the lines

Plant – Harvest

We want results…… yesterday

We are so impatient for everything to happen that for many waiting isn’t an option.

So they try to skip it, with short-cuts and hacks.

Or wishful, magical thinking.

But this never works.

And then they wonder why they never achieved the success that seemed so tantalisingly close.

There is only one way to reap a successful harvest,

And that is to consistently care for it until it has grown.

In the real world this means showing up.

Putting in the time and effort to nurture your goals and dreams.

Every single day.

So if you aren’t getting the results you want in your life,

Check yourself.

Are you doing the work required?

Or are you trying to skip straight to the harvest?

There are no shortcuts, just consistent steady progress.

Achieving success does not have to be difficult, in fact it can be incredibly easy,

But you do have to do the work.

Have a great week.


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