Harness the positive moments to burn a little brighter

Can you think of a moment of pure joy or unencumbered happiness?

Maybe it was a laughing at a funny joke,

Maybe it was watching a beautiful sunset

Maybe it was watching your children in a rare moment of peace and quiet.

Just a moment,

when all your troubles slipped away,

and all that occupied your attention was happiness in the here and now.

When we think of something funny, joyful or peaceful, the warm feelings linger.

The positive affect spills over into your next interaction, and into your day, even if just temporarily.

As you turn from that moment of happiness, your smile still sits on your face, your eyes still shine with warmth.

And you pass that goodness along to the people around you.

So can you think of such moment?

Do you see it?

Close your eyes and picture it for a minute.

Feel the feelings that this snapshot in time brings to the surface

and the positive, carefree attitude that arises.

Now …….

Remember the feelings because today I want you use them.

As you go through your day and interact with the people around you,

see if every now and then you can invoke this memory and the positive attitude that comes along with it.

Let the feelings momentarily light you up from the inside, burn 25% brighter and shine that light outwards.

See if you can be 25% more interested, or more compassionate or less judgemental.

And see what your interactions are like – do they improve?

Presence, kindness, compassion, happiness and joy are all muscles you can flex and strengthen.

They are skills that can be practiced and shared

To increase the goodness in your life every single day.

Try it and see what happens.

Enjoy your day, and notice others enjoy it with you.

Have a great week

Georgia xx

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