Don’t ignore your tailwinds

Have you ever been for a run or walk when everything seemed effortless?

I love that feeling.

You feel so fit and strong and on top of the world.

But it is not until you turn around and hit a headwind,

that you realise that as fit as you might be, you may have had a little helping hand along the way,

An unseen tailwind pushing you gently forward, making life easier.

And of course ‘tailwinds’ don’t just happen when you are running, we often get this kind of boost.

Unseen to us, life is working for us, as much as it might be working against us.

But our mind has a funny asymmetry when it comes to noticing headwinds and tailwinds.

It is super easy to see all those things that aren’t going your way.

The challenges and obstacles, the annoyances and frustrations.

But all too easy to miss or ignore those things that are helping to propel you forwards.

We are hyper aware of the things that thwart us,

But too easily lose sight of those that give us a boost,

Just like the tailwind.

The result of this is twofold.

Firstly we have a heightened perception of our own burdens.

It can feel like everyone else has got it easier.

Which can sometimes make us feel a little resentful and frustrated.

Secondly it is easy to dismiss or undervalue all the things that are helping us along

And we can lose our sense of perspective and gratitude.

So if you ever find yourself becoming overwhelmed by all the that you are up against,

Take a moment to reflect on all the things you have supporting you from behind.

The people, the opportunities, the inherent skills and talents you were born with.

Take some time to be grateful, it will completely flip your perspective.

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