About a Coach in Your Pocket

Coach In Your Pocket books bring the incredible benefits of coaching to anyone and everyone.

Designed as an easy-to-use resource, each book provides ideas, skills and tools that you can use to make impressive positive changes in your life.

Whether it be in your personal life, your health, your relationships, your business or career, Coach in Your Pocket books can help you launch yourself on an upward trajectory to greater things.

We believe that everyone has so much more potential than they realise. The problem is, most don’t know how to tap in and use it.  Most people have never been taught the skills they need to shift their mindset and harness their capabilities.

Coach in Your Pocket aims to change this by arming people with the tools and knowledge to shape their lives for the better.

We want people to reach their goals, achieve their dreams to become the happiest, healthiest and brightest versions of themselves.



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